Monday, November 30, 2009

Ode to Anna !

Hurray! I won last week’s EST challenge theme which was hosted by Joanne of gr8jewellery. The theme was ‘At World’s End’ and I won with my Globes on Fire Earrings.
This means I am this week’s challenge queen and decided on the new theme: Ode to Anna !

Anna is European Street Team’s respected and devoted leader. Gardian angel of the EST weekly thread.
And last but not least, an immensely talented artist !
Get inspired by Anna and her unique, gorgeous designs at
Think Birds, Trees, Australia, Leaves, Greece and Nature !
Anna will personally pick the winner...

Many thanks in advance for using the right cerebral cortex of your brain and I look forward to receiving your entries !


The Birds, Leather Journal or Notebook, Suede by Kreativlink

Branch Coral Earrings by staroftheeast

Peace Knit Banner by suislefil

Cathedral Barrel Green Hoop by Sumikoshop

Tribe Brooch by artistudios

Green Reindeer Bird by sabahnur

Anna. mini fairytale plush swan by lapomme

Sun Gold Citrine Brownie Hoops Necklace by ayatasarim

The First Norse Humans by kraplap

Peace Birdie Love Ivory Earrings by ayatasarim

Azurite and sterling silver pendant by maroulina

Anna's Precious Things Earrings by amoronia

original mixed media aceo laundry, cat and bird by barbarix

Bird of paradise felted scarf by ingermaaike

Leaf, a Poet's Bag by LaTouchables

Dusty olive crochet leaf brooch by TheBroochBoutique

clutch in anthracite grey, with ribbon embellishment by karuski

The singing birds - OOAK bird-art by ArtMind

Blue Anna hoops in sterling Silver by fleurfatale

Large filigree heart gothic necklace by dinafragola

Branch Earrings by gr8jewellery


  1. Cool theme.. I alreaady know what I will sew. Thanks, Ina. for hosting this fun challenge.

  2. oh wow I'm so flattered!
    I can't wait to see what everyone will make!!!
    get to work!

  3. I think I actually might have an entry to this week's challenge...

  4. congrats on your Winning, sooooo Great!!!

    And then I really love the New Theme, such a wonderful Idea and thank you Anna, for all you do for us!!!

  5. Such a fun idea, lovely theme indeed!

  6. Congrats, boss! Love the theme!! :)

  7. Congrats Deer for the winning and what a theme! And SHE is a little big bossy doesn't she?:))) But I think we do neeed to start to work, oh that first entry is stunning!:)

  8. perfect theme! Such a wonderful idea!

  9. Congrats on your winning, your work is beautiful!
    Interesting theme, I'm preparing my entry, see you soon :)

  10. congrats:) so lovely theme I love it

  11. What a thoughtful theme! Congrats for the winning:)

  12. OMG, I wish I have more time...This is such a great theme and wonderful entries so far...

  13. I love Star, Barbarix and LaTouch (and all the others, but LOVE those 3) :)

  14. ok now mitsy is climbing my favorites list!

  15. LOL Marta, but that's not fair, you're a fan! ;)

  16. and the winner is.... ARTMIND !!!!
    congratualtions Mitsy and thanks to everyone who participated and sent in entries to this week's challenge !