Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kitsch Cat

A few weeks ago, I participated at a crafts fair in Maastricht with quite a few of Etsy European Street Team friends. It was a great fair and wonderful day ! One of the EST members, Dinafragola (Nathalie) brought KIT (Kitsch it Yourself) bags for everyone. Such a great idea !

Could have been an EST challenge theme because like in some cooking programs you get x number of ingredients and you have to cook a dish ! I didn't have to create from scratch because Nathalie included lots of kitsch goodies in the bag...

After giving it some careful thought, I decided to kitsch the cat ! I used the little yellow duck bell and hung it on Molli. Our cats need to wear a little bell on their collar because we have many birds, squirrels, frogs, and other sweet little cat prey running, flying and jumping around in our garden.

Molli says thank you for the cute little duckie Nathalie. And if the bell won't scare away the birds, I'm sure the shiny bright yellow duck will :)

Check out Nathalie's shop for more Gothico-kawaii cats and accessories :


  1. Those KITS are a sweet idea!
    Molli looks fab!

  2. WOW great idea Ina ! Molli looks so sweet with her duck. I am intrigued by the mini fork and spoon in dinafragola's parcel; but still have not incorporated it yet.

  3. Oh, such a cool idea! And Molli is so adorable.
    Thanks a lot for sharing Ina ^_^

  4. Very cute little bell and Molli looks quite content as well:)

  5. Super! Molli looks very cute and I loved the KIT too. Haven't made anything with it yet 'cause I'm sure that my nieces will love to make something from it so I wait to do it together with them. :)

  6. ooh, great idea!! I got a kit from Nathalie too, but one of my daughters grabbed it, have to check what she made with it!