Thursday, August 27, 2009

Glass Art

I have been admiring lampwork beads for a while and I recently saw a glass artist make lampwork beads (a labor intensive art form I must say!) at a craft fair. Lampwork beads truely are little pieces of art that deserve a pedistole.

Considering to use these beads in my jewelry, I started looking for lampwork beads that are relatively simple and subtle. No easy task. The majority of lampwork beads stand out because of their luxurious look, abundance of decorations and broad selection of colors. In the meantime, I did find some gorgeous light blue opaque lampwork beads which I hope to show in my work soon !

Some lovely lampwork jewelry and beads to admire...

1. Large Organic Loops - dotty pink 2. Colourstuff....Mullberry 3. Red Burgendy Necklace 4. Lampwork Glass Bead Set - Mint Julep


  1. I also love those simple looking lampwork beads. Beautiful finds you've got, those large hoops with light pink beads are my favorites!

  2. Oh yes glass very tempting !
    I like the simple ones too, the beauty and the shape are enough for me as glass in itself.

  3. nice new jewelleries with lampworks:) I love glass too,I hope to work hot glass in the future:)

  4. The colors in lampwork are so brilliant--lovely post, Deer!