Sunday, July 4, 2010

Handmade Porcelain charms

At Artmind's craft party we all had a go with paper porcelain clay and I was really excited when I found the results in the mail last week.
I made a necklace (which I already listed in my shop), a yellow set for Lola and a black & white bracelet. I'm not a jewelry person myself but I loved the bracelet so much, I am keeping that one to myself :)


  1. Ze zijn prachtig en origineel ! Heel leuk materiaal hé om mee te werken.

  2. Mooi verwerkt! ... ik moet nog helemaal beginnen met de verwerken ...

  3. Love the bracelet! Charming! ;)

  4. ooooooh, sober, maar heel mooi , echt wel Deerlola!
    I love it!